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The Rocky Mountain College Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC) tells the College’s story across a variety of channels to multiple audiences. OMC communicates the College’s identity as an institution focused on academic success and personal growth to prospective and current students, alumni, parents, donors, and the public. Furthermore, OMC happily assists departments and organizations with promotional needs regarding events, happenings, and otherwise via the outlined services below.
OMC supports the goals of the institution and provides strategic direction for its internal and external communications in all of the areas below. Click on the topics below to learn more about each area.
Public / Media Relations

The Office of Marketing and Communications happily assists local, regional, and national news outlets in reporting Rocky-related stories, as well as generating stories about student, faculty, or College accomplishments or recognition. If you are a member of the media, please reach out to our team at or 406.657.1024.

OMC serves as liaison to the news outlets and to many of the College’s audiences. With the help of OMC, faculty and staff offer professional perspectives that represent their points and the College most effectively. The team will help craft op-ed material for media and supplies useful ways to share RMC news.

Note to faculty and staff: If you wish to suggest an article or media release, submit a media request. To meet media deadlines for event publicity, press releases are issued only if all information is received two weeks prior to an event.

Note to student organizations: Student organizations are welcome to request promotional assistance through the Office of Marketing & Communications. OMC sends press releases regarding happenings and/or events that are executed by or held directly in tandem with official College departments; academic or athletic. It is the policy of the Office of Marketing & Communications to send press releases only on happenings and/or events directly sponsored by the College. However, we cannot guarantee coverage. Even if your student organization’s happening is sponsored by an official College department, we have the right to refuse coverage.

Student organizations are also welcome to add their events to the online RMC calendar. We encourage student organizations to promote their happenings and/or events via their respective platforms (social media, newsletters, etc.).


The Office of Marketing and Communications produces or oversees publications for Rocky Mountain College. Please contact OMC if you would like more information about any of these publications or would like to submit content for future publications.

Note to faculty and staff: As a reminder, Rocky eDigest submissions are due two days prior to the date of publication in order to be considered for the Friday faculty and staff newsletter. The Rocky eDigest is normally scheduled for publication only on the first Friday of every month.

RMC Alumni and Friends newsletter
The RMC Alumni & Friends newsletter is a monthly electronic publication distributed to over 30,000 Rocky supporters. The publication highlights upcoming events and exciting College news. To sign up to electronically receive the newsletter, please contact us at

Annual Report
The annual donor report is the College’s report to shareholders, documenting its activities and finances in the previous financial year. To sign up to electronically to receive the report, please contact us at

Social Media

Are you interested in promoting a project, announcement, or event? If so, contact the Office of Marketing & Communications. We can assist with content creation, post scheduling, selecting the optimal account to post from, and more. Social media is an especially effective tool to raise awareness for your program and to connect with your audience. If you create a social media account and will represent Rocky Mountain College, OMC requests that you inform us of the account via the media request form.

Editorial / Design

The Office of Marketing and Communications is equipped to create a variety of designs for College-wide communications, including brochures, posters, logos, advertisements, and other printed and digital materials. They are responsible for ensuring that all publications bearing the RMC logo adhere to current brand standards and accurately and appropriately represent Rocky Mountain College. To that end, services are complementary to RMC faculty and staff and include:

  • Design and layout
  • Coordination of printing efforts
  • Editing, writing, proof-reading, ensuring that all materials meet College standards

OMC photography services are available. If you would like a photographer for your RMC related event or activity, please submit a photographer request form.

Marketing Toolkit

Our goal is for everyone to have access to the fundamental marketing and communications guidelines necessary to consistently share RMC’s story. To learn about the main logos and the color palette used in RMC branded materials, please view our marketing toolkit.

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