Academic Research

Get Involved in Research!

A multitude of possibilities exist for students to conduct research at Rocky Mountain College, not just for students who are interested in the Sciences! No matter your major, you may be able to pursue your interests and greatly enhance your educational experience by becoming involved in a research project. You will have the opportunity to work hands-on outside of the classroom with a faculty member who is an expert in your field of study. You will have the opportunity to develop your creativity, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving capacity. Graduate school admission committees and potential employers agree… conducting an undergraduate research project is one of the best resume-building experiences that a student can undertake.


What to Expect When Conducting a Research Project

  • Personal involvement and a stake in a project, no matter if it is large or small
  • Work outside in the field and/or in a laboratory with a faculty member and fellow students whom share your interests
  • Present your findings at the RMC Research Forum or an off-campus conference
  • A greatly enhanced and fulfilling educational experience!

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research at Rocky Mountain College serves the College mission and core themes by supporting faculty mentored individual or small group student research activities.  The primary goal of these activities is to foster an environment of collaborative discovery among faculty and students to enhance the educational experience related to critical, analytical, and independent thinking both in and out of the classroom.

academic undergrad research

Office of Undergraduate Research

  1. Ensures that research activities at RMC adhere to recognized and ethical standards
  2. Encourages the dissemination of research activities and findings within both the college and outside communities
  3. Informs the campus community of potential internal and external funding opportunities and collaborations
  4. Outreach and advertisement to greater community about RMC research activities and events

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