Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic Standing: Probation and Suspension

Students at Rocky Mountain College are expected to make progress toward attaining their degree.

The criteria for good academic standing are as follows:





·         Students are placed on probation following a term (9 or more attempted credits) with an achieved term GPA of less than 2.00. Incomplete grades count as zero grade points for purposes of this computations.

·         Probation is removed if the student achieves a term GPA (9 or more earned credits) greater than 2.00 in the subsequent regular (fall or spring) term.


·         Suspension results from a student achieving term (9 or more attempted credits) GPA of less than 2.00 in two consecutive semesters.

·         A 0.00 term GPA (6 or more attempted credits) will result in automatic suspension.

·         Suspension may be appealed to the Academic Standards Committee prior to the start of the next semester.

·         In cases where the student’s appeal is denied, the student must sit out at least one semester and must reapply for admission.


·         A third consecutive term GPA of less than 2.00 results in dismissal from Rocky Mountain College.

·         Dismissal cannot be appealed.

Note: For purposes of probation and suspension, summer and winter sessions do not constitute “terms.”

A student may appeal an academic suspension by completing an Academic Recovery Plan, a reflective document detailing why satisfactory academic progress was not achieved and what specific steps and plans will be made should the appeal be successful. The appeal must be submitted by the deadline provided in the notification of suspension and directed to the Office of Student Records. The Office of Student Records will forward appeals to the Academic Standards Committee for review. If the appeal is granted, the student’s standing will become probationary.

Students on probation must meet with their academic advisor and complete an Academic Recovery Plan by the date provided in the notification of probation and submit it to the Office of Student Records for review by the Academic Standards Committee.

Suspended students may be readmitted after one semester’s absence. Readmission requires submission of an application for readmission to the Office of Student Records along with an Academic Recovery Plan for consideration by the Academic Standards Committee. If readmission is approved, the probationary status shall be continued until good academic standing is restored. If a student is suspended a second time, the student is dismissed with no further opportunity to enroll at Rocky Mountain College.

Students may lose eligibility for financial aid while on probation or suspension. Check with the Office of Financial Assistance/Financial Aid for more information. Probation, suspension, and dismissal are permanently recorded on the student’s transcript.