Forms & Services

Changes to Record

Address or Name Change

Update address, email, and phone numbers. Note: change of name requires legal documentation.

Advisor or Major/Minor Change

Change academic advisor or declare or change your program (major/minor).

Academic Appeals 

Appeal academic concerns to the Academic Standards Committee.

Application for Graduation

Complete the required graduation plan (fillable pdf) with your advisor and upload to the online application.
Requests for Records

Official Transcript Request

Order and pay for official RMC transcripts via the online ordering center. For unofficial transcripts, see

Diploma Request

Request a replacement or an additional diploma.

Enrollment and Degree Verification

Request documentation of enrollment or degrees awarded for job applications. Use RMC school code 002534.

Current Student Verifications

Request verification/certification of records for scholarships, insurance discounts, loan deferments, etc. from registrar.

FERPA Form for New Students

Authorizes RMC to release private information about your academic record, student account, etc. to individuals you designate on the form, OR keep your information private.

FERPA Form for Current Students

Authorizes RMC to release private information about your academic record, student account, etc. to individuals you designate on the form, OR keep your information private.
Registration Requests


Add or drop courses online after registration opens until the last day to add/drop (see calendar). For issues with CampusPortal, contact Office of Student Records.

Add/Drop form

Complete form to add or drop a course at Office of Student Records if online registration is unavailable (see calendar for deadlines). Forms also available at Office of Student Records.

Independent Study

Request approval for an Independent Study.


Contact Career Services to complete internship contract and other required paperwork.

Final Exam Special Scheduling

Request special scheduling of a final examination.

Withdrawal and Re-Entry

Academic Withdrawal 

NOTE: Complete this online form to withdraw from the College. This form must be completed by the last day of scheduled classes (does not include finals week). See academic calendar. This form results in complete removal of your current  schedule. To drop/withdraw from one course, see Registration Requests. See also: Not-Returning Student Exit Questionnaire.

Not-Returning Student Exit Questionnaire

Complete this online form if you do not plan to return to the College in a future semester, but do want to finish the current semester.

Apply for Re-admission

Complete form to apply to return to the College after you withdraw or are absent for one semester (Fall/Spring).


There are a variety of account holds that can prevent current students from registering for classes or receiving an official transcript or diploma. You can click on the hold in CampusPortal to see which campus office you should contact. If you are unsure what kind of hold you have, contact Office of Student Records in Eaton Hall: 406.657.1030 / Student Records


Download and complete FERPA form – also available in the Office of Student Records. New incoming students should send the FERPA form to Admissions prior to attending.

Incoming Transcripts Hold

Incoming students should submit final official transcripts to Admissions prior to attending. This includes college transcripts for dual-enrollment courses taken for college credit and college transcripts with 0 credit earned (W or F grades). If the student enrolled, but withdrew with no record on a college transcript, a verification letter (or email) from the college or university satisfies the transcript requirement.

Immunizations/MMR Hold

Montana law requires students to show proof of 2 MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) vaccinations taken at least one month apart. Contact your high school or physician for copies of your vaccination (shot) records. New incoming students should send MMR records to Admissions prior to attending. Contact RMC Student Health Program for information about where to obtain the MMR vaccination.

Student Account Hold

For validation and payment/past due account holds, contact Student Accounts in Eaton Hall: 406.657.1016 /

Parking Violation/Other Fee Hold

For information, contact the Office of Student Life in the Bair Family Student Center: 406.657.1018. To make a payment, contact the Business Office in Eaton Hall: 406.657.1012.

Registration/Advisor Hold

This hold is placed on your account prior to registration opening for your academic class standing (grade level). The hold will be released after you meet with your academic advisor.


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