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Academic Standards Appeals

Appeals that request an exception to the standard academic policies of the College are reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee. Common examples of academic standards appeals include exceptions to core curriculum or graduation requirements, drop/add deadlines, and requirements for participation in graduation ceremonies. 

There is no form for the appeals process. To appeal, students must write a formal business letter addressed to the Academic Standards Committee requesting an exception to the academic policy. This letter should be emailed to; preferably as an attachment, though letters within the body of the email will be considered. The request must be accompanied by a letter of support (email is acceptable) from the student’s academic advisor or an appropriate faculty member. Students should take steps to ensure that their request references specific policies to which they are seeking exceptions and specific desired results. In some instances, the student may be asked to submit a second letter of support. 

Decisions of the Academic Standards Committee may be appealed to the academic vice president, who will determine if all relevant policies have been followed. Any appeal must be submitted, in writing, within 10 days of receipt of the Academic Standards Committee’s decision.

In some cases, requests made of the Academic Standards Committee may be referred to an appropriate faculty member and/or academic division chair for informal resolution. In such cases, students should keep documentation of the results of the informal appeal in case they want to reinstate their appeal with the Committee.

See also course catalog for academic policies. 

Appeals for Suspension

A student may appeal an academic suspension by writing a letter addressed to the Academic Progress Committee explaining the reasons why he or she did not make satisfactory academic progress, submitting a letter of support from a faculty member or academic advisor, and submitting a plan for improvement. The appeal must be sent to the Office of Student Records ( by the deadline provided in the notification of suspension. The Office of Student Records will forward appeals to the Academic Progress Committee for review. If the appeal is granted, the student’s standing will become probationary.

See course catalog for policies regarding academic progress, probation and suspension.

Appeals for Academic Integrity Sanctions

Academic integrity at RMC is based on a respect for individual achievement that lies at the heart of academic culture. Every faculty member and student belongs to a community of learners where academic integrity is a fundamental commitment. The RMC academic integrity policy outlines for College community members their rights and responsibilities as they pertain to academic integrity.

Violations of the academic integrity policy are managed by individual faculty members and the College registrar; however, at the discretion of the registrar and/or faculty member, violations may be referred to the Academic Progress Committee for further action. A copy of the entire academic integrity/policy and procedures can be found in the student handbook or here.

See course catalog for the academic integrity policy and student rights and responsibilities.


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