Student Success Stories – Karel Kaiser

What was it like to be a student at RMC?

Rocky certainly is unconventional compared to many universities, but that’s what makes it a special place. Going to RMC was a good experience for me because it enabled me to explore my many interests from art and the outdoors to history. I came as an athlete and left as a scholar, the experience was quite transformative. As I student, there is a lot of individual attention given to you, everybody knows you and campus life is great.

What was your favorite part of being a student at RMC?

My favorite part going to RMC was to see myself succeed personally and academically. To call me a poor student in high-school probably would have been an understatement. I had pitiable work ethic and lacked the proper tools to apply myself productively. I had potential, but I needed the proper medium through which to cultivate it. Rocky was the ideal place for me because it gave the perfect environment for me to discover the potential within myself. I’m not quite sure I would have succeeded if I went somewhere else for college. I also have to give credit to the International Studies program, which enabled me to go to Bangkok, Thailand, for a semester.

Why you would recommend Business and Accounting at RMC?

I would recommend the business program because there is a combination of knowledgeable professors and small-college atmosphere that lets you get the most out of your experience. It’s much easier to learn when you know your professors and can have an open and honest dialogue about the material. The programs are highly qualitative, and many of the skills I learned are things computers will not be able to replace.

Did you complete an internship as a part of your RMC experience? How was that?

I interned as an Insurance Broker Assistant. It was an important step for me because it was a hands-on look at how things are after university. I interacted regularly with clients and underwriters regarding policies, explained coverages and liabilities to agents and clients, managed all company correspondence, and developed a professional rapport with clients and colleagues. It’s important to go through an internship before entering the workforce to be prepared for the actualities of a career.

How's life after Rocky?

At RMC I acquired a taste for international environment. After graduating from Rocky I moved to Prague, Czech Republic, for grad school for at the University of New York in Prague. There I received my Masters in International Business (MSc). I finished with honors and was offered a job by ExxonMobil in Prague. There I work as an analyst in charge of managing risk for $150 million in customer accounts. Furthermore, Rocky helped me find one of my greatest passions in rock climbing and mountaineering through the Outdoor Recreation Program, I think it’s the most underutilized resource at the college. That passion has taken me around the world from Georgia to Switzerland in search of rugged rocks and steep mountains.