Alumni Profiles

"RMC provided me opportunities in undergraduate research and practical hands-on experience with a variety of instrumentation not available to the average undergraduate. This, combined with the professors' individual attention and infectious enthusiasm for science, more than prepared me for my successful career in chemistry."

- RMC graduate Cindy Rohrer, Senior Analyst at Energy Laboratories, Inc., Billings, Mont.

Rocky Mountain College has a very high placement rate for its graduates. Most of the graduates of the chemistry program at RMC continue their education either in a graduate chemistry program or in a professional program (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.).

Recent graduates of RMC's chemistry program have been accepted into:

  • The graduate chemistry and biochemistry programs at the University of Georgia, Montana State University, and North Dakota State University;
  • The graduate chemical engineering program at Montana State University;
  • The forensic chemistry program at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland;
  • The University of Montana School of Pharmacy and Pacific University School of Pharmacy;
  • The University of Washington Medical School, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the University of North Dakota Medical School;
  • The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine; and
  • The physician assistant program at Rocky Mountain College.


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