Student Success Stories

Karolina Pepos

Why would you recommend receiving your teaching degree from RMC?

RMC’s Education Program provides a culture of foundational relationship based learning. With small class sizes, personalized instruction, and progressive learning approaches, students are receiving a superior education. The program not only provides strong content, but also helps students practice skills learned in an actual classroom setting. Through my experience at RMC, I have developed strong relationship skills that I am able to take into my classroom. RMC’s Education Program has not only taught me how to be an effective teacher, but also the importance of strong bonds with those who support you most in life. I can confidently say that the professors and my education colleagues are those people.

How's life after Rocky?

I am currently employed with Billings Public School District as a first year teacher. I teach 3rd grade at Ponderosa Elementary. RMC’s Education Program more than prepared me for my career as a teacher. I feel confident with my interpersonal skills with colleagues, students, and parents. The program is a platform that makes it possible to overcome obstacles with proper problem solving skills, while coming out of the challenge with more confidence and knowledge. I still have a close connection with my professors as well as my college classmates within the education program. Even after graduation, I know I can rely on my Rocky family to support my endeavors as a first year teacher.