Student Success Stories

Makala McDonough

Why would you recommend receiving your teaching degree from RMC?

Rocky's rigor with getting students in the actual classroom is a huge leg up compared to other institutions. At Rocky you get to experience a big city while still getting the small town feel while on campus. The small class sizes ensure that each student gets a personalized experience. Due to the comprehensive entry interview those who would not be a good fit for the program are weeded out early on. The personalized experiences in conjunction with the rigorous classroom experiences and comprehensive interview ensures that RMC produces top notch teachers.

How's life after Rocky?

Due to my educational experience at Rocky Mountain College I was extremely prepared for my first year of teaching. This is not usually the case. I graduated in 2017 and I am currently in my fifth year of teaching. I obtained my reading endorsement in addition to my elementary education degree, and this has served me extremely well. I am currently serving on the district ELA curriculum board and I am better equipped to understand different curriculums due to my reading minor. I truly believe that I would not be the teacher I am today without my professional background starting with my educational experience at Rocky Mountain College.