Student Success Stories

Seth Shifley


Why would you recommend receiving your teaching degree from RMC?

Rocky Mountain College gave me a great opportunity to not only explore my opportunities within the education program, but also to discover more about myself as a young professional. My experience at RMC can not just be summed up with words, but with my passion and drive for excellence. Rocky's program gave me the power of self-confidence and a plethora of knowledge provided by the outstanding professors that work with you as an individual. RMC encouraged me to step away from my comfort zone and take risks, make mistakes, and never turn away from a challenge. RMC prepared me more than I can ever give back to them; there is not another institution in the state of Montana that exhibits this amount of dedication and hard work toward their students. My professors taught me one of the most invaluable skills that I will never forget, accountability. Accountability for my students, my colleagues, my content knowledge, and most importantly, myself. I owe my teaching prowess to RMC and all the individuals that pushed me. If you are someone looking for the challenge of a lifetime in education, then look no further than RMC. The skills and knowledge that you will learn will forever be priceless.

How's life after Rocky?

Life after Rocky has truly been an adventure, with lots of twists and turns throughout the last couple of years. When I first graduated from RMC I was able to get a Long Term Substitute position in social studies at Skyview High School in Billings, Montana. Skyview was a great first step, but I ultimately decided to move on after just one year at the school and found myself getting a great opportunity in Ryegate, Montana at Ryegate High School teaching 5th-12th social studies. Ryegate has been nothing but fantastic and the kids are great! The staff is one big happy family and the community is genuine and wonderful to be a part of. I could not have asked for a better position and opportunity to challenge myself to further my education career. RMC prepared me well for teaching and nothing has been a big surprise to me so far in my young professional career. I feel comfortable and secure with my content and pedagogy knowledge, and I owe all of that to RMC. There’s not another school in the state of Montana that would have prepared me this confidently for the position I currently hold. I have stayed in contact with several of my former professors and have been well supported by all of them to this day. I could not have asked for a better support system than RMC.