Rocky Mountain College's English program is at the heart of the College's liberal arts mission, serving students with widely divergent interests, but united by a fascination with literature, ideas, language, and writing. The English major offers concentrations in literary studies, which focuses on the traditional American and British literature curriculum; English education, which prepares students for careers in teaching English at the secondary level; and creative writing, through which students can follow their own creative genius while developing their writing skills. We also offer minors in writing, literary studies, and English education.

Our highly qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic English faculty encompass a wide range of interests and specialties, but all share a dedication to our students, to opening the world of literature and writing, and to helping students develop the skills they need to pursue their own dreams and career goals.

I majored in English at Rocky because I love literature, stories, and writing. But little did I know my humanities education would also provide me with "real world" skills in leadership, empathy, and strategic analysis I use every day as a non-profit executive director. Now that I’m starting my fifth job and third career change since my graduation, I can see how the humanities curriculum at Rocky made it possible for me to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. And of course, the professors at Rocky are the best!

Randi Lynn Tanglen, Ph.D. ‘98

Studying English at Rocky Mountain College was one of the best things I did in my life.
I got off a bus from Massachusetts in 1965 and was immediately welcomed into the vibrant community that would teach and nurture me for the next four years.
After RMC, I became a New York lawyer and successfully fought some of the most complex and difficult international law cases ever to come before the US federal courts. I worked in New York, London and Paris. Much of my success I have to attribute to the foundation that RMC gave me in effective communication.
I have gone on to publish more than 20 books of law, economic history, poetry and historical romance. I have become a professor of law at world class universities (University of London, and Catholic University of Paris and Lille France).
Much of my life has been a long effort to learn and communicate. I can’t thank the English faculty at Rocky Mountain College enough for teaching me how to do those things well.

Dr. Edward (Ned) Swan, BA (RMC), JD (NYU), PhD (Univ. of London)

When I started school at Rocky, I undervalued an English degree. Initially, I chose this major to heighten my critical thinking skills for a greater goal— law school. Though my English degree has been paramount to my success as a law student, it gave me so much more.
My professors allowed me to study and appreciate the time and history of the world around me. They showed me how to open my eyes and ears to the diverse views of my classmates and community which has been an invaluable asset. The best part, however, was that I learned all of this through reading a lot of beautiful works of literature

Hanna M. Walter,
J.D. Candidate 2022 | Alexander Blewett III School of Law | University of Montana

I arrived at Rocky, sight unseen—from Alabama. But I thrived in this college atmosphere and developed close friendships with peers 40 years younger than me. When I graduated at age 60, I finally left behind a too-long nursing career to be a writer.
On November 5, 2021, my debut children’s picture book, Montana’s Memory Day: A nature-themed foster/adoption story will launch. This story originated in a “Writing for Children and Young Adults” special topics’ class taught by associate professor of English, Precious McKenzie. Like Precious, Ashley Kunsa (Creative Writing), and David Crisp (Journalism), Rocky’s professors engage with their students and take an active interest in their college goals. So, yes—in case you’re wondering—an English degree from Rocky DOES open doors. And, book covers, too.
Sue Lawrence, AS in Nursing, 1983; BA in English: Creative Writing, 2019

Rocky Mountain College offers the following English major concentrations and minors:

Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Literary Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • English Education (see also Education)


  • Literary Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • English Education (see also Education)


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