Our Classroom

"Going to the woods is going home." - John Muir

In the Environmental Science program, you will not get bored sitting in a classroom. In your first year, you enroll in courses that take you outside, where you learn environmental sampling techniques and observation skills that last a lifetime. In fact, the level of hands-on experience in the ESC program is what students often list as the most important element that kept them motivated in their career track and helped them land their first internships and jobs.

Rocky Mountain College is ideally situated for an Environmental Science program.  Our classrooms include the famous Beartooth Mountains, full of thousands of lakes and the highest peak in Montana; the rugged Pryor Mountains, with bighorn sheep and wild horses; the vast Crow and Cheyenne Indian Reservations, Yellowstone National Park, the Charles M. Russel Wildlife Refuge (largest in the conterminous US) and of course the Yellowstone River.

We have developed working partnerships with local agencies and non-profit organizations that allow our students to engage with the professional community while building their technical skills in the field. Recent collaborations include:

    • Fish sampling with MT Fish Wildlife and Parks at Lake Josephine
    • Invasive species monitoring in Riverfront Park with the City of Billings
    • Seed harvesting in Yellowstone National Park
    • Fence removal in the American Prairie Reserve
    • Black footed ferret survey on the Crow Indian Reservation and with the USFWS in the Charles M Russel Wildlife Refuge
    • K-12 field days and wildlife habitat restoration with Exxon Mobil


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