Internship Opportunities

Through direct relationships with many different organizations such as Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; United States Forest Service; National Park Service; Bureau of Land Management; the Montana Natural Heritage Program; consulting firms; and various organizations, RMC students have a wealth of opportunities for summer internship and employment opportunities during their years at RMC and after they graduate.

In the summer of 2008, two RMC students worked with Professor Kayhan Ostovar and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks on a large-scale pilot study to conduct biodiversity surveys of reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and bats all across the state. Skills learned in RMC classes directly led to placement in these positions.

"After my junior year, I was offered a job that was beyond anything I could have imagined with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. This was a paid summer internship for which I also earned college credits. Over the summer I worked on a biological diversity survey team that was based in northeastern Montana. We traveled around the state conducting surveys for small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and bats. This experience was fabulous. I learned an incredible amount and had the best time meeting other students from across the U.S. that had the same ideals and values as me. The hands-on approach to teaching at RMC made all the difference and inspired me to stay in school when times were difficult and finish my degree." Christie - 2009 Graduate

Our wildlife management course (ESS 330) introduces students to the many opportunities that exist. Students in this course are required to spend a day with a local biologist in the field. This might entail conducting a survey of sage grouse leks (dancing grounds) or a day on the Yellowstone River electro-fishing to survey endangered fish species.


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