Honors Program

The Honors Program enhances the education of some of our finest students by affording the opportunity to work intensively with a single professor in the production of a project relevant to career or graduate education interests. The projects vary widely in scope, but in all cases, students' projects are started and completed with the approval and close support of the Honors Committee and select faculty, as explained in the sequence below.

Successful honors students find that participation in this program not only brings them closer to professionals in their chosen fields, but also grants them a substantial credential in their applications to graduate schools or employment opportunities.

The Honors Program at Rocky Mountain College is open to students who, by the second semester of their sophomore year, have achieved a GPA of 3.40 or better. The program admissions process is selective and driven by faculty nomination. Active honors students enjoy freedom from academic overload fees, an increase in scholarship assistance and reserved carrels in the library as they pursue chosen projects during their senior year.

Program Requirements

During Spring Semester of their junior year, approved Honors Program entrants enroll in HON 309, Honors Proposal Development. A single leader will bring to this course faculty guests appropriate to the academic interests of the participants. Throughout the course, honors students will share development problems and other common concerns, and the course will culminate in students producing honors proposals with research outlines and planning future course work germane to their proposals. Only well-developed proposals will be approved for academic support and funding by the Honors Committee, although a student may submit a revised proposal during the semester.

Throughout Spring Semester of their junior year, honors students with approved proposals will pursue courses relevant to their projects.

During Fall Semester of senior year, honors students will commence work on their projects in HON 490, Senior Honors Project, as well as participate in a leadership course, HON 409.

In the Spring Semester of their senior year, honors students will register for a second semester of HON 490, Senior Honors Project, as well as HON 491, Project Presentation, a rehearsal seminar climaxing in the graded public presentation of the completed project. In cases of mid-year graduation, HON 491 will also be provided for the Fall Semester.

For more information, please contact Matthew O'Gara at 406.238.7384 or matthew.ogara@rocky.edu.


Matthew O'Gara
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