Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

Fieldwork education is a crucial part of professional preparation. The RMC OTD program has strategically integrated Level I and Level II placements as a component of the curriculum design. The RMC OTD fieldwork experiences promote clinical reasoning and reflective practice in a variety of settings across the lifespan.

Level I Fieldwork

The purpose of the Level I Fieldwork is to introduce students to fieldwork, apply knowledge to practice, and to develop understanding of the needs of the clients (ACOTE, 2018).
Level I fieldwork experiences are typically introductory in nature. The RMC OTD program begins Level I fieldwork the fall semester of the first year of didactic coursework. Level I fieldwork experiences are generally 10 weeks in length, this design allows students an immersive experience in a variety of settings and populations.

Level II Fieldwork

Level II fieldwork experiences occur back-to-back at the end of the didactic coursework, and are required for degree completion. Beginning in the spring of the third year of curriculum students complete two 3-month experiences. The RMC OTD fieldwork program uses an intentional matching system to provide diverse experiences in preparation for entry-level generalist practice. The RMC OTD Fieldwork program utilizes the AOTA Suggested Level II Fieldwork Experience Dates as a guide for planning Level II placements.

Become a Fieldwork Site or Fieldwork Educator

Fieldwork educators provide valuable support to the educational program through clinical expertise, hands-on training and role modeling. To access the RMC OTD program Fieldwork Educator's Resources, please visit our EXXAT system dashboard and use the left tabs within the module to locate fieldwork information.


Kalyn Briggs, PhD, OTR/L
Assistant Professor & Academic Fieldwork Coordinator