Philosophy & Religious Studies

What is the meaning of life? How should we think about ethics, or even reality itself? Philosophy and religion tackle these and other fundamental questions in related and sometimes different ways. Both disciplines lie at the core of the humanities, and thus a liberal arts education. Philosophy, for example, often examines unstated assumptions underlying cultural practices and scholarly disciplines, from politics to physics. Religion, for its part, can be studied from a number of different angles, from sociology to psychology.

This combined program will not only provide students with an understanding of key issues in philosophy and religious studies, it will help them reflect deeply on their values, beliefs, and cultural identities. Graduates will go on to a range of careers, from working in museums to running nonprofits. Many majors choose to pursue further study, whether in graduate school, seminary, or law school. We encourage capable students to double major with related fields such as English, Sociology, Politics, or Environmental Studies.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Philosophy and Religious Studies major and minor:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies
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