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Sociology is the study of social phenomena, from social movements to social change. Sociology seeks to relate our individual biographies to the larger social contexts in which we live, connecting individuals, groups and social institutions. Sociologists study diverse topics such as culture, gender and sexuality, health, inequality, subcultures, demographic trends, and more.

At RMC, sociology pairs a traditional core of theory and methods with an array of electives--from criminology to public health and deviance--with real world experience through internships to prepare students for work in a variety of fields. Students develop into strong researchers and writers while also applying sociology to the real world setting, skills essential to the academic and professional workplaces.

This sociology program gave me so much more than a degree; it gave me a passion for the field and a drive to use my knowledge to help others. The discussions, experiences, and life-long relationships I formed with professors and colleagues helped me prepare for and feel confident when entering graduate school. I know I will be successful in this field because of the foundation this sociology program gave me.

Terran Brown

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SOC 225 – Sociology of Public Health
This course considers public health from a sociological perspective, situating the historical and present health management challenges facing the United States population in context. It will consider the emergence of ‘public health’ as an area of popular and political interest, the reasons for health disparities across the population, and the rise and fall of various health concerns. It will address the main public health problems of the present moment, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and communicable diseases. It will also focus on the sociological impetuses for various public health movements, such as the anti-vaccination trend that the U.S. is currently experiencing. Overall, the course will expose students to the complex relationship between health, healthcare, and social forces.
SOC 342 – Deviance
This course investigates deviant (normative and statistical) social behavior. A variety of psychological, economic, sociological, and anthropological theories are used to analyze the causes, consequences, and social responses to behaviors such as sexual violence, suicide, mental illness, illegal drug use, homosexuality, and heterosexual deviance.
SOC 370 – Sociology of Sport
This course explores the relationship between sport and society, analyzing the social structures, organizations, and groups involved in sport. After examining the sub-discipline of the sociology of sport, it utilizes the field of sport to conceptualize social phenomena and study social inequalities relating to race, class, gender, sexuality, and citizenship.
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Career Ready

RMC Sociology students are prepared for a wide range of careers. Some have gone onto:

Law School

United States Probation Office

RMC’s Physician Assistant Program

Public Health

Social Work

Child Protective Services


Dr Beicken

Associate Professor of Sociology