Theatre Arts

What better way to recognize the quality of a program that the strength of its graduates? You might recognize a few of our successful graduates like Jason Earles, co-star of Hannah Montana or Bill Bowers, who played Zazu in Broadway's The Lion King.

The talent is in you, and the difference is in the school. At Rocky Mountain College we are committed to helping you reach your potential by providing devoted and highly experienced faculty who can give you unmatched personal attention and training.

At Rocky Mountain College, theatre is about the students, not the professors. Here the directors choose main stage productions that highlight the unique gifts and abilities of the individual performers, while introducing them to eight different genres of theatre, ranging from classical Greek dramas to contemporary musicals.

As the only private school in this region of the country that offers degrees in either performance or technical production instead of a general emphasis degree, our students are able to take more advanced, specialized courses normally reserved for graduate level study. Amazingly, even with the heightened focus the theatre faculty give to their students, casting for main stage shows are still open to the entire student body to satisfy the thespian in all of us.

If you're more comfortable controlling lighting, painting, or set design, at Rocky Mountain College you not only learn how to do it, but you become the one responsible for doing it. Whether you're bound for a career in an emergency room or Broadway, we'll get you well prepared and take the time to personally help you land an audition or interview for the big finale.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Theatre Arts major and minor:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts: Performance
  • Minor in Theatre Arts
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