Alumni Award Nomination

Rocky Mountain College offers three alumni awards, which are given to alumni and supporters of RMC for personal success and dedication to the College and its programs. If you would like to nominate a deserving candidate for one of the following awards, please use the nomination form found below. The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2020. View previous alumni award winners.

Outstanding Young Alumni

This award is given to alumni who have demonstrated high standards of integrity and character that positively reflect and enhance the prestige of Rocky Mountain College by making outstanding contributions in one or more of the following ways and are under the age of 40:
  • Accomplishment in chosen field.
  • Service in local, state, or national affairs.
  • Service in support of the advancement and continued excellence of Rocky Mountain College.
  • Must be an Rocky Mountain College graduate

Distinguished Alumni

This award honors Rocky Mountain College alumni who have achieved distinction in their personal or professional lives. This individual has demonstrated exceptional achievement in their profession, made significant contributions to their community through public service or philanthropic endeavors, and/or demonstrated a commitment to the core values and mission of the College. Must be an Rocky Mountain College graduate.

The Spirit of Candlelight Award

Rocky Mountain College has celebrated Candlelight Dinner every winter since 1910, when students first arrived at the campus below the Rims to find that the electricity had not been turned on, so they had to eat their first meal by the light of donated candles. Over the years, this tradition has served as a reminder to all of the trials and tribulations Rocky Mountain College has overcome only through the hard work and generosity of the community.

The Spirit of Candlelight Award is given annually to an individual or group that exemplifies the enduring spirit of stewardship and service in pursuit of excellence that is at the heart of the Candlelight tradition.

The contributions made by the honoree(s) to the Rocky Mountain College community should demonstrate the selflessness, dedication, and forward focus that were central to the first Candlelight Dinner. Recipients need not be Rocky Mountain College Alumni.


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