Room Condition Report

Individuals living in on-campus housing must complete and submit a Room Condition Report (RCR) within 72 hours of occupancy. It is the responsibility of the occupant to report any damage(s), missing item(s) and cleaning need(s) on the RCR upon checking-in.

Students need to complete an RCR every time they receive a new housing assignment as part of the room change process.

Any damage(s), missing item(s) and cleaning need(s) found by the Office of Residence Life or the Office of Facility Services when an occupant vacates will be charged to the occupant if not listed on the RCR. Charges for room damage(s), missing item(s) and cleaning need(s) may not be appealed if the occupant does not report them on their RCR.

Please be as detailed as possible in your findings including being directional specific (North, South, East West). Example "chips on wall" should be described in a manner such as "three quarter size chips in center of north wall in bathroom."  Attach photos of all recorded damages.

Questions regarding the RCR process can be sent to

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Residence Life
Bair Family Student Center 117