Rocktivities, the student activities department on campus, is devoted to creating, organizing, and implementing regularly-scheduled events for the student body. Each event aims at increasing students’ connection to the Rocky community.

College life is challenging and it takes a community to ride the highs and lows with positivity and success.  It’s best to do it with friends and a bit of laughter.

Rocktivities offer you the chance to meet new people, relieve stress, or experience a new perspective. You can hang with your peers in a fun, sensory-engaged and entertaining environment that cultivates relationship, learning, and connection.

Regular Events Include

Students are encouraged to help facilitate these activities by applying to be a Rocktivities Student Staff member. Each member is paid for their participation; work-study as well as non-work-study positions are available on the Rocky Career Link website. More information about Rocktivities’ events can be found on the RMC Master Calendar or follow us on Instagram (name: RMC Rocktivities, username: rocktivitiesrmc). We look forward to seeing you at our next event!