Church Relations Statement

Rocky Mountain College is historically related to the United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church (USA) – denominations traditionally committed to the pursuit of knowledge, religious tolerance, and free inquiry and to such values as service, community, and character. These denominational relationships have helped to inform the mission and core themes of the College and are apparent in the College’s mission to educate future leaders through liberal arts and professional programs that cultivate critical thinking, creative expression, ethical decision-making, informed citizenship, and professional excellence. 

Additionally, the College promotes the development of the whole person and provides opportunities to enhance students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth both on campus and through connections in the local and global community.

Rocky Mountain College celebrates the Covenant of Understanding it shares with the Yellowstone Conference of the United Methodist Church, the Presbytery of Yellowstone – Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference of the United Church of Christ and seeks to honor the ties that have nurtured the College since its beginning and to build upon this heritage of support, trust, confidence, and achievement. 

Today our denominational relationships are most directly reflected through the Chaplain and Office of Spiritual Life. The mission of the Chaplain, to provide for the spiritual growth and well-being of the members of the RMC community, includes offering presence and programs that address students as whole persons, serving as a resource for the larger campus community, and maintaining denominational relationships. Primary objectives include creating a safe and welcoming environment for exploring faith, providing opportunities for putting faith and social justice into action, and supporting faith that is integrated with intellectual pursuits. Programming also includes spiritual care and support for all members of the campus community, collaborative projects with other RMC offices, as well as opportunities for worship and spiritual inquiry, growth and practice.

We celebrate our church-related heritage. The early influence of three distinct religious denominations has resulted in a learning community distinguished by thoughtful inquiry, ethical decision-making, and active citizenship. All faith traditions are welcome at Rocky Mountain College and the spirituality, convictions, and questions of all are respected.

Rev. Kim Woeste, Chaplain

Bair Family Student Center
Lower Level