The mission of the internship program is to enable college students to participate in career-related work experiences as part of their academic training. The internship program allows students an opportunity to apply theory to real-work applications, acquire career experience, and enhance personal growth while earning academic credit.

RMC Experiential Learning Objectives

Internships are an educational partnership between Rocky Mountain College, the business community, and our students. It is a unique academic program that combines classroom learning with practical work experience. The intern is supervised on-site by a designated member of the company/organization and is supervised academically by a faculty member in their field of study. The Career Services Office assists in coordination and communication before, during, and after the internship.

Upon successful completion of the experiential learning requirement, the student will have:

  • applied theory learned in the classroom to practical work situations;
  • tested his/her aptitude and interest in a particular field;
  • used skills in a work environment directly applicable to a career; and
  • demonstrated characteristics of professionalism required in the specific career field.

Why should I participate in an internship?

Not only is an internship or experiential learning experience required by most degree programs at RMC, but they are also a proven tool for career success. Students who participate in meaningful internships are better prepared for the career world and often have more connections in their chosen career field to assist them as they start and progress through their career.

Ninety percent of students who have completed an internship earn a higher starting salary upon graduation than those who did not complete an internship.

Sixty percent of interns are offered full-time jobs by the internship employers.

Graduates who complete an internship are 38 percent more likely to receive one or more promotions in the same time period compared with graduates who did not complete an internship.

*National data from the Cooperative Education and Internship Association, Inc.


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