The Ryniker-Morrison Gallery exhibits the work of RMC students and faculty along with visiting artists for enjoyment, study and research, and enhancement of the art department's current course offerings. The gallery offers a practicum experience for students to learn how to run a gallery and present exhibits that will attract visitors from the RMC and Billings communities. 

The Ryniker-Morrison Gallery is located in Technology Hall on the campus of Rocky Mountain College and is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday (closed on school holidays). 

For more information, contact Todd Forsgren,

Current Exhibits

Beth Draws Bunnies by Beth Korth and Teapots from the Collection of John W. and Carol L.H. Green

  • On view from Jan 27th-Feb 28th
  • Closing reception: Friday February 24
  • Gallery hours 9-3pm, Monday-Friday

Beth Draws Bunnies

Beth Koth is an emerging artist from right here in Montana. She acquired her MFA from The University of Montana, and has shown her works across the US and Japan including being a featured artist by the Billings Downtown Alliance. Her work is in the collection of the American Museum of  Ceramic Arts in Pomona, CA. She is the current art education coordinator at Tippet Rise Art Center.

This Exhibition features a range of Beth’s work from the past decade and includes the use of many traditional and non-traditional mediums; from regular acrylic paint, spray paint, house paint, ink, and graphite. Primarily featuring gestural images of various animals, Beth creates narratives  where these creatures often seem to be surrogates for humans. These narratives draw inspiration from storytelling using animals in an anthropomorphic state to explain morals, like in Aesop's Tales. Many of Beth’s works are performance based, and she will create a new painting during the  exhibition’s closing reception on February 24th.

Teapots from the Collection of John W. and Carol L.H. Green

The six teapots in this exhibition are on loan from the collection of John W. and Carol L.H. Green. All six are by artists connected to the Archie Bray Foundation including two former executive directors (Josh De Weese and Steven Young Lee) and four significant past residents (Richard Notkin,  David Regen, Eric van Eimeren, and Junya Shao).

These teapots show a diverse range of styles and materials that push the boundaries of the form, from traditional and functional designs to contemporary interpretations and twists. They demonstrate a wide range of ceramic techniques and materials that have been used by artists at the Bray  over the past several decades.