Meal Plan Registration and Change Request Form


Rocky Mountain College requires that all students living in Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall to have either a Carte Blanche Meal Plan or a 10-Meal Plan. Students living in Rimview Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and off campus are welcome to purchase a meal plan; however, it is not required.

Students are allowed to reduce their meal plans until the 5th day of class each semester. A new meal plan may be added or an existing plan may be increased at any time during the semester. In case of meal plan changes, meal plan rates will not be prorated regardless of the time of change. No refunds for meal plans after the 5th day of classes each semester will be awarded regardless of cancellation request circumstances.

To make a change to an existing meal plan or to sign up for a new meal plan, please fill out Meal Plan Registration & Change Request Form.


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