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Transformational Experiences

Art at Rocky Mountain College is about more than the classes you will take. It’s about the journey - the people, the places, and the experiences, all of which contribute to a transformational art education.

The department’s studio art courses integrate traditional techniques with digital media. These classes range from metalworking and ceramics to painting and photography. Our art history classes cover global perspectives in art from the dawn of humanity to today’s most cutting-edge artists. For example, Professor Forsgren’s work draws from Czech modernist and Japanese post-WWII avant-garde photography movements as well as ancient cave paintings located around the world, including here in Montana.

Art is often a hands-on practice, but at Rocky Mountain College, we strive to take it to another level… One graduate recalls "making a Lewis and Clark-style dug-out cottonwood canoe sculpture, a 4 1/2 foot Braveheart-style sword in metalworking and jewelry, and working on a Monet replica in a painting class.” Some classes venture into the field, including trips to nearby Yellowstone National Park and the Beartooth Mountains. Others use classical drawing and painting techniques while with models to gain a better understanding of human anatomy and the figure. Still others considering data visualization and digital design using cutting edge Adobe software.

You won't get far on our beautiful campus without running into sculptures and other works of art that are part of Rocky’s art collection. Student work is proudly displayed in our excellent Ryniker-Morrison Gallery, often alongside exhibits by notable regional and national artists. We offers a practicum for students to learn how to run a gallery, curate exhibitions, and manage an art collection.

Our graduates become practicing artists, business owners, gallery directors, curators, and art directors. Others choose to apply these new discoveries to teaching by pursuing our degree in K-12 Art Education. All will be guided on their journey by faculty who are passionate about art and visual literacy. We believe in the importance of individualized instruction and experience.

Committed to the liberal arts, we strive to provide a learning environment that is challenging, yet encouraging, to art majors and non-majors alike. All will look at and experience the world with all of its visual wealth and amazing people in a new light.

Rocky Mountain College offers the following Art majors and minors:

Bachelor of Arts


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  • Art Education


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