The mission of the RMC Aviation Program is to educate and train individuals to be professionals and leaders in the aviation industry.

Our graduates are ready to begin successful careers in a wide variety of jobs in professional aviation. We offer bachelor's of science degrees in aeronautical science (professional pilot) and in aviation management. Our graduates get meaningful jobs, and they work in many different sectors of the industry including as pilots or managers in the airlines, corporate aviation, cargo, missions, hospitals, professional flight training, and more.

We are one of only about 35 colleges and universities accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), which confirms the quality of our entire program. Also, the FAA recently changed the requirements to be hired as a first officer at an airline. Graduates from many schools now will need 1,500 total flight hours, while RMC graduates fall into the top category of schools where graduates only need 1,000 hours.

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Rocky Mountain College offers the following Aviation majors and minors:

Bachelor of Science

  • Aeronautical Science (Professional Pilot) Major
  • Aviation Management Major


  • Aeronautical Science (Private Pilot)
  • Aircraft Dispatch
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems


Aviation Hall
2821 Augusta Lane
Billings, MT 59102

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