Prospective Aviation Students

RMC's aviation program is built on the foundation of a strong liberal arts education. Employers want people with a broad education, as well as strong technical knowledge. The ability to speak, write, problem solve, lead, and work on a team are critical, and they are what RMC is all about. With this in mind, in the classroom we emphasize human performance, ethical behavior, and life-long professional growth. We are very supportive of the broad education our students get across the entire curriculum of the College. 

Aviation is the largest major at RMC, so our students have a significant presence across all activities on campus. Outside of the classroom, aviation students further their education through participation in optional activities, such as intercollegiate athletics, band, choir, study abroad, hiking, and skiing; they play in the band and sing in the choir, and an aviation student has been the student body president four years in a row. Recently, at least one aviation student has studied for a semester in Argentina and in Holland; taken part in an archaeological dig near the Sea of Galilee; studied ecology in Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, and Hawaii; and toured Austria and Germany learning about art and music, to name just a few activities. In addition, many students have completed aviation internships both locally and nationally.

The aviation program at RMC teaches students the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in aviation, as well as helping them earn an education for life.


Aviation Hall
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