FAA Medical Certificates

RMC requires all students enrolled in the aeronautical science major to hold at least a Class II medical certificate.

An FAA medical certificate is required to operate an aircraft under the privileges of a pilot certificate. The lowest level medical certificate is the Class III (for those who will only be private pilots), followed by Class II (for those who will be commercial pilots), and finally, Class I (for those who will be airline transport pilots).

Graduates of RMC's aviation program will hold commercial pilot certificates and often will be pursuing an airline transport pilot certificate after graduation. Therefore, students entering the aeronautical science major are required to hold at least a Class II medical certificate. A Class I medical certificate is recommended if your doctor can do it, however, a Class II is sufficient. Aviation management majors or aeronautical science minors who are seeking private pilot certification are required to hold at least a Class III medical certificate.

FAA medical certificates are issued by FAA-designated aviation medical examiners (AMEs). While all AMEs may issue Class II and Class III medical certificates, only selected AMEs can issue the Class I certificate. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of AMEs in your area may be found at the FAA website. Fees for FAA medical exams can range from $120-$210 depending on your location. If an AME with Class I issuing authority is not available in your area, then you should get a Class II medical certificate.

AMEs can grant waivers to physical requirements for medical certificates on a limited basis. Waivers for most medical conditions will require that the application be forwarded to the FAA headquarters in Oklahoma City, Okla., for review. A number of medications preclude automatic granting of a medical certificate and may require review by the FAA. The review process can often take weeks for months. Therefore, we recommend students schedule an appointment with an AME to obtain a medical certificate as early as possible. AMEs are the final authority on what condition or medication may be an issue in obtaining a medical certificate.

A student must have a medical certificate before his or her first flight at RMC.


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