Application Process

Admitted students may enter Rocky Mountain College at any term. New students planning to secure a flight slot in the Aeronautical Science major (professional pilot program) are assessed in March for the fall semester.  Securing a flight slot requires the submission of additional documentation which will be provided to the student. Depending on enrollment demand and availability, not all students will fly in the fall.  In addition, students who are conditionally admitted to RMC and freshmen athletes participating in fall intercollegiate athletics do not fly in the fall semester. Students who do not receive a flight slot during the fall will take ground school in the fall and then be assessed for a flight slot for the spring term and as slots become available.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for more details.

Required items to bring to RMC before your first flight:

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship (typically an original birth certificate or current passport). We won't keep it, but it is a government requirement for us to see it.
  2. Your own headset. We recommend you spend under $300 – try or other aviation websites. We don't recommend a particular brand, just don't spend lots of money.
  3. FAA medical certificate – see the FAA website to find a doctor. You must get either a Class I or Class II physical. Don't get a Class III.
  4. An iPad mini. It must be mini size and it must be Apple brand. You'll buy a subscription service for about $100 that will give you all charts, maps, regulations, and RMC procedures. We truly are paperless in the cockpit. You do not need to get 3G capability. Only do that if you want it for personal reasons. Basic Wi-Fi is all you need.

The dress code when you are at Flight Operations for any training is long pants, a collared shirt, and close-toed shoes. Jeans are ok, but we want you to look professional.

If you completed flight training before coming to RMC for which you would like credit, you need to bring documentation showing what you have done. We typically accept previous training for private pilot or the instrument rating. Talk to the director of aviation about your individual circumstances.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Flight labs are part of the college curriculum and are therefore eligible for financial aid. There are numerous aviation scholarships available specifically to RMC students, as well as others available only to student pilots in Montana. These are available to students currently enrolled in the program and are merit-based, not need-based.

Students have access to over 700 aviation scholarships, valued at $1.4 million, which are offered to aviation students nationwide. Two great websites for information on aviation scholarships are:


Aviation Hall
2821 Augusta Lane
Billings, MT 59102