Internships / Placement

Internships provide valuable experience by applying the knowledge gained in the classroom to practical experience on the job. We place an emphasis on internships with companies where students will have the earliest opportunities for placement after graduation. Internships are available at dozens of companies including regional air carriers such as SkyWest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Corporate Air, an international air freight contractor with headquarters in Billings. Internships are available with Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Netjets International, several companies in Alaska, the National Transportation Safety Board, and numerous other companies and airports. We work with students to create customized internships with any company the student is interested in that is open to internships.

Our strong internship program was featured in an issue of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA) Flight Training  Magazine, particularly because of the work we do helping each student individual. Flight Training Magazine has a monthly circulation of 120,000 and is the most widely read magazine of its type in the U.S.

Many internships are specifically available for aviation management majors, including some at local airports around Billings, the National Transportation Safety Board Office of Aviation Safety, the Federal Aviation Administration, Denver International Airport, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Cheyenne Airport, and Empire Air in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Again, customized internships for an individual student are common.

Internships may be full-time for a full semester, in the summer, in another city, or part-time in Billings, allowing for little disruption to a student's normal schedule.

"My internship at Alaska Airlines was literally the best five months of my life. I learned all about daily operations, got to fly to Mexico, and I have a guaranteed job interview, which is like a gold ticket. RMC has done a great job preparing me for my future."
Kyle Mosher
Littleton, Colorado

We strongly encourage students to obtain their Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating before graduation and apply for a job as a paid flight instructor at RMC's Flight Operations. Once hired as a CFI, the student can also earn internship credit.

In addition to positions as a CFE for RMC, recent graduates have gained employment as CFIs at other schools, entered the military, become missionary pilots, agriculture pilots, and worked for charter and cargo operator. A significant number have also entered first officer positions with regional airlines, such as SkyWest Airlines, Horizon Airlines, and American Eagle Airlines.

We have close relations with several companies that guarantee interviews to our graduates, including airlines and an international freight company.

Our objective is to work with graduates individually to help them define the sector of aviation they wish to enter and then help them prepare to pursue that goal. Graduates can be found in the major airlines; regional airlines; air ambulance services; corporate aviation; agriculture application; the Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard; flight schools; air freight; and charter flight operations.

Dispatcher Certification

RMC is one of only seven four-year aviation programs in the U.S. that offer certification as an FAA-approved dispatcher. At airlines, dispatchers work with pilots to execute flights, handling such tasks as weight and balance, weather, flight plans, and maintenance issues. The courses all student pilots at RMC take qualify them to take the FAA-approved dispatcher written and practical test. With only the added work of taking the test and evaluation, students graduate with another opportunity for employment, including a part-time job at an airline while flying someplace else, and a back-up plan in case the pilot cannot fly for some reason. Airlines often give preferential consideration for pilot jobs to people already working for the company.

Recent Internship Placements:

  • SkyWest Airlines – Denver
  • Southwest Airlines—Dallas
  • Delta Air Lines
  • FedEx
  • Horizon Airlines
  • U.S. Congressman's office - Washington D.C. (aviation management major)
  • Cape Air Airlines
  • Summer internship with a mission aviation organization - Nairobi, Kenya
  • West Yellowstone Airport, MT—airport management
  • Hillsboro Aviation - Oregon
  • Empire Air - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • Bald Mountain Air Service, charter sight-seeing - Homer, Alaska
  • Billings Logan International Airport
  • Missoula Airport
  • Billings Airport Control Tower
  • Edwards Jet Center FBO
  • Alpine Air
  • Corporate Air
  • Matheson Flight Extenders, air cargo handling
  • U.S. Transportation Security Administration
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Northern Skies Aviation
  • Flight Instructor at RMC
  • Southwest Florida International Airport
  • United Airlines
  • Billings Flying Service

Professional Relationships

Recruiting trips to RMC / Graduates sought by companies

Though our graduates go a multitude of directions, we have particularly strong relationships with several companies - many of which guarantee interviews to our graduates, visit our campus on recruiting trips, and continuously seek our graduates. Some of these companies include:
  • SkyWest Airlines
  • Cape Air
  • Horizon Airlines
  • Mesa Airlines
  • American Eagle Airlines
  • CitationShares Bridge Program
  • Island Air, Hawaii
  • Corporate Air, international cargo
  • Endeavor Air
  • Mountain Air Insurance Services – Hamilton, Montana
  • Midwest Weather, Inc.
  • Worldwide Flight Services
  • Baker Air Service
  • Wings Aloft – Seattle, Washington
  • Landcare Aviation, aerial survey pilot
  • Richland Aviation
  • U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps
"We need pilots who are leaders and those who seek to be true professionals. We value those who have strong technical skills, integrity, and pride in their profession. We look for those who will be successful in a glass cockpit environment within Regional Jet operations. We've had great success finding these qualities within RMC graduates, and we certainly welcome more. It is our goal to visit RMC every year, and we're very pleased with the strong relationship we have."
Camielle Ence
Manager of Crew Resources & Pilot Recruitment
SkyWest Airlines

Watch the video below to learn about RMC aviation student David Mack's internship with the West Yellowstone Airport.


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