Business Internships

Students pursuing majors in accountancy, business management, small business management, managerial accounting, aviation management, sports management, or equine business are required to complete an internship. Internships allow students an opportunity to apply theory to the workplace setting, acquire career experiences, and enhance personal growth while earning academic credit.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of an internship (BSA 450), students will:

  1. Demonstrate effective problem solving and critical thinking;
  2. Articulate an understanding of the connection between coursework and the internship experience;
  3. Demonstrate professional skill in the discipline(s) associated with the internship;
  4. Practice professional habits and engage in professional behavior; and
  5. Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Register for three credits of BSA 450 with a contract;
  2. Get your internship approved by business faculty (see James Smith in Morledge-Kimball 102);
  3. Complete a contract;
  4. Complete workplace hours (be sure to document your hours);
  5. Be sure that your supervisor completes a midterm and final evaluation;
  6. Complete your academic assignments – syllabus;
  7. Contracts must be submitted before the internship is started – the first day of the semester is the latest they may be submitted; and
  8. Ask questions. See the Office of Career Services or James Smith with questions.


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