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Communicate in your life, your career, and your community.

The Communication Studies program at Rocky Mountain College blends our strong liberal arts education with the skills every student needs to succeed in today's world. The student graduating with a major in Communication Studies will possess the skills employers want from potential employees – oral and written communication skills. As part of society, the graduate majoring in Communication Studies will be a responsible and engaged citizen of his or her community.

A distinct advantage of a degree in Communication Studies is its versatility. Employers desire employees with strong communication skills, our majors are prepared for virtually any career, including sales, human resources, public relations, journalism, the performing arts, nonprofit organizations, event planning and organizing, and a variety of careers linked to the medical and business fields. We also prepare students for advanced learning in graduate or law school.

You have to be able to communicate in life…. If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your point, you’re giving up your potential.

Warren Buffet

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Communication Studies


Communication Studies

Communication Studies students frequently double major with Psychology or Business (among others)!

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Featured Courses

COM 255 – Mass Media
This course requires students to survey the major institutions and technologies of mass communication — from local newspapers and the printing press to viral videos and the global reach of the Internet. Students are introduced to the critical process and principles of media literacy. By the end of this course, students will understand and articulate the evolution and convergence of different mass media technologies and industries including their role in a democratic society.
COM 325 – Theories of Persuasion
This course will examine multiple theories of persuasion through examination of artifacts in popular culture including advertising, campaigns, media, the Internet, and organizations. The course will explore how persuasive messages are constructed and delivered to the general public. Major topics in this course will include persuasion theory, argumentation, ethics, and critical approaches of persuasion theory.
COM 423 – Communication, Culture, and Social Identities
This course will explore (a) how culture and communication are intertwined and (b) how key social identities (race, class, and gender) are made and remade through cultural communication practices. Emphasis will be placed on how cultural backgrounds and social identities affect how we perceive and interpret the world.
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Career Ready

RMC Commucation Studies students are prepared for a wide range of careers. Some have become:

Social Media Coordinator

Public School Teacher

Event Coordinator

College Professor



Academic Vice President & Professor

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Associate Professor