Chapter Information

Our Rocky Mountain College Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD) chapter became an official chapter in December 2020. We are set out to be a part of the mission of COTAD; “To empower occupational therapy leaders to engage in practices that increase diversity, equity and inclusion for a more transformative occupational therapy profession.” Being a part of a chapter not only benefits each of us individually as we break down our own biases as we learn from diverse narratives, but ignites us as a collective group to be a powerful force to dim the light on inequities and injustices and shine light to demarginalize the gap of diverse narratives. Together, we aim to put our pride aside, amplify the voices of others, and move forward together to benefit our profession, our future clients, and ultimately our future practice.

Primary Liaison

Dani Mentor, Kristen Mayer

Secondary Liaison

Kendra Weir

Stay tuned for updates from the 2024/2025 Chairpersons of the RMC OTD COTAD Chapter