Blending Batter and Building Traditions

June 19, 2020 - The RMC SOTA fundraising team has been gathering recipes to create a cookbook that will be continued as a tradition for the program. The cookbook will feature student and faculty recipes both new and old and will be sold as a fundraiser benefiting RMC SOTA. The fundraising team has had to get very creative in these moments of separation and sheltering in place. The cookbook was something they felt would not only establish a future tradition but would also bring everyone virtually together at a table of hope and creation. The cookbook will mix in an ingredient of OT with the addition of an adaptive cooking equipment section with each recipe. The fundraising team is looking forward to being reunited soon and picking up on some events that they were unable to have due to COVID 19. In these times of discomfort, the fundraising team has reminded us of all the wealth we can find in good health, good friends, and good food; priceless.


Top Floor
Charles Morledge Science Building