RMC OTD program taking on leadership opportunities

The Rocky Mountain College OTD Program promotes the importance of students/graduates and faculty members embracing life-long learning, leading by example and maintaining professional membership in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).   Dr. Kalyn Briggs embodies all of the above-mentioned attributes as evidenced by her participation in numerous AOTA committees/events.  In the past Dr. Briggs participated in the following:

  • August 2017-May 2018: Selected as a ‘buddy’ for the AOTA EDSIS faculty mentor program.
  • August 2016- May 2017: Selected mentee in the inaugural AOTA EDSIS faculty mentorship program.

Currently, Dr. Briggs is participating in the following:

  •  June 2018-Present: AOTA Academic Education Special Interest Section (AESIS) Young Professionals Coordinator
    • Responsibilities include: Facilitator for AFWC Mentor Program, liaison with AESIS and new graduates and students
  •  July 20-21, 2018: NBCOT Item Development Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • March 2017-present: Montana Occupational Therapy Association Newsletter editor
  • November 3-4, 2017: NBCOT Item Enhancement Team, Raleigh, NC
  • July 20-22, 2017: NBCOT Item Development Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • November 2016- present: Reviewer; American Journal of Occupational Therapy. American Occupational Therapy Association, Bethesda, MD

Dr. Kirchen was recently selected to participate in the 2018-2019 AOTA Academic Leadership Institute. The overall goal of the program is to develop an ongoing cadre of individuals who have a defined skill set that prepares them for leadership positions in academic institutions.  Participants will engage in active learning, including mastering self-directed, self-initiated asynchronous and synchronous materials, participating in mentoring meetings, and completing relevant readings and learning exercises that are individualized to their needs. The Academic Leadership Institute will be delivered by recognized experts in occupational therapy education.

In addition, Dr. Kirchen and Dr. Briggs will be presenting and sitting on panels at both the AOTA Education Summit and the AOTA Conferences in 2018 and 2019.  The Rocky Mountain College OTD Program will develop future leaders in the profession of occupational therapy and Dr. Briggs and Dr. Kirchen are excited about promoting leadership opportunities for students who are enrolled in the RMC OTD Program.


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