RMC OTD Welcomes Class of 2023

The Rocky Mountain College Occupational Therapy Doctorate program welcomed their second cohort, The Class of 2023! The class is comprised of 29 students from 14 different states.

This semester students will be learning foundational information from which they’ll build their knowledge of the profession. Classes include: Introduction to Occupational Therapy; Theoretical Approaches in Occupational Therapy; Functional Anatomy and Movement Sciences; Development and Disability Across the Lifespan; and Occupations of Agriculturally-based Communities, Introduction to Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship. The last class is unique to the RMC OTD program, and--as the title lends--is a progressive seminar in which students learn and apply the requisite skills for running an occupational therapy business.

First-year student Paulos Abraham from Indiana says about his first week, “It’s a lot of information, but I’m excited to learn as much as I can and see where this takes me...I’m excited about the cadaver lab. I’ve never worked worked with cadavers before. This will be an opportunity to get some hands on experience”. Welcome, Class of 2023!

OTD Class of 2023


Top Floor
Charles Morledge Science Building