External Scholarship

RMC students receive an average of more than $650,000 in external scholarship funding each year. One of our goals is to help our students maintain this level of assisted funding from off-campus sources.

There are thousands of organizations and employers that help fund students' college educations, offering scholarships that prospective or returning students can apply for. While asking via email or in person may result in discovering some potential funding sources outside of RMC, we aim to give you the most direct access possible to this information.

We've compiled a list of Scholarship Essay Tips to strengthen your scholarship essay. We've also listed below some important advice and warnings to keep in mind during your outside scholarship search.

Possible sources of external scholarship funding or information:

  • Local civic groups (i.e. Jaycees, Dollars for Scholars, etc.)
  • Churches or religious organizations
  • Financial organizations
  • Individual benefactors from your hometown
  • Your or your parents’ employers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Webpages of nearby high schools or colleges
  • Other organizations that are related to your career interests and/or hobbies

A few tips to keep in mind during your external scholarship search:

  • Never exchange any funds - paying or refunding - during the search or application process. If they truly offer funding, they want to give you money, not take it from you!
  • Don’t give personal information (i.e. Social Security number, credit card information, etc.) during the search or application process. Some persons/organizations may be data mining or using a "spam scholarship" as a marketing ploy.
  • If a street or email address is required in a scholarship application use your RMC address. This will ensure that possible mail/emails from them can only follow you until graduation.
  • Before applying to scholarships, visit FinAid or the Federal Trade Commission for information about scholarship scams.

If, at any point during your outside scholarship search, you are uncertain about the legitimacy or security of an application process, don't hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office. We’re glad to help in any way we can!

Scholarship Search Engines: