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Traditions of academic excellence, and transformative education upon which Rocky Mountain College is known is a fundamentally important part of who we are today. But shaping students into the best versions of themselves is just one part of what RMC does. Equally important, RMC graduates conscientious citizens who are eager and well-prepared to make a difference within the communities they serve.

Whether it’s providing free occupational therapy services, delivering thousands of sandwiches to local missions, or building community through literacy initiatives, RMC demonstrates every day that what we do on campus makes a difference. The exceptional education, grounded in the liberal arts, that RMC delivers gives life to ideas, and has a lasting impact on personal lives, individual communities, and the entire world.

Stewardship and a Shared Responsibility

Our goal is simple: to help future students live lives of purpose and make an even greater impact on our communities; to provide robust, diverse opportunities that create informed and well-prepared graduates; to continue sparking deep conversations around real-world challenges while developing solutions; and to foster greater inclusion and understanding.

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