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Students graduating from our programs are educated to the highest standards within their chosen profession through both classroom and real-life settings. Hands-on experience in the field is a cornerstone of all our programs. Strong ties with professionals in our community exist because of the successes of former RMC interns. Student interns have been placed in health clubs, private physical therapy practices, athletic departments, hospitals, strength and conditioning departments and with semi-professional sports teams. Our faculty makes challenging work interesting, and they establish lasting partnerships in learning. Ongoing mentoring is the basis of a partnership between students and faculty, which often extends beyond graduation and entry into the workplace.

“Studying Health and Human Performance at RMC has been outstanding. Not only have I gained academic knowledge in the field of research or hands-on experiences in the lab, but I have also gained confidence in something I’m now passionate about: exercise science. I’m grateful for my time at Rocky and know I’ll be prepared for my future endeavors. I know I will always be able to reach out to my professors in the HHP department anytime after graduation. RMC’s HHP program was the best decision I could have made when choosing a college to get my bachelor’s degree."

Hayley Bretz, Class of '24

Degree Options


  • Health Science
  • Human Performance
  • Health & Human Performance K-12 Education


  • Coaching
  • Exercise Science

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Featured Courses

HHP 221 – Clinical Kinesiology
Explores the anatomical structures and mechanical aspects of human motion. Students will learn the processes by which neuromuscular functions are involved in movement and sport performance.
HHP 223 – Prevention and Care for Athletic Injuries
Students learn procedures and practices in prevention, immediate care, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and sudden illness. Topics include taping, bandaging, and conditioning for athletic competition.
HHP 330 – Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Students will explore, discuss, and critically evaluate psychology theory and behaviors observed in sport and exercise contexts. Through this process, students are expected to critically evaluate their own perspectives and experiences surrounding sport and exercise psychology, and develop their own opinions surrounding relevant topics including motivation, attributions, arousal, goal-setting, confidence, and group effects. To facilitate development of communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, these topics will be discussed across different scenarios and populations.
HHP 357 - Physiology of Exercise
Students explore the effects of exercise on the cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular systems. Physiological aspects of various training methods are examined. Laboratory experience is included.
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Career Ready

RMC Health & Human Performance students are prepared for a wide range of careers. 

Exercise Physiologist

Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Cardiac Rehabilitation


Masters in Kinesiology

Gym Manager

Heatlh & Wellness Coach

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Athletic Trainer




Associate Professor


Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor