Health Sciences

Health Science Careers

 Rocky Mountain College prides itself on its ability to prepare students to enter a variety of options in the health sciences. Our students  have gone on to complete graduate work in the following fields: medicine (MD), physician assistant (MPAS), occupational therapy (OTD), veterinary medicine (DVM), physical therapy (PT), athletic training (MS) pharmaceutical science (PharmD), and dentistry (DDS). Combined with a core curriculum that builds quantitative, writing, communication, analytical, and expressive skills, students who graduate with a degree in any of these areas will be prepared to enter the next stage of their careers as ethical citizens and critical thinkers.

Foundational Health Science Courses

All students considering a health science career are advised to start with these classes, especially if they have not decided which major to pursue. Many of these classes also fulfill Core Curriculum requirements.

  • BIO120 Principles of Biology (4 credit hours)
  • CHM 101 and CHM102 General Chemistry sequence (two semesters, 4 credit hours each); a C- or higher in MAT100 College Algebra is required)
  • PSY205 or PSY 206 Human Development in Psychology sequence (3 credits each)
  • BIO321 and BIO321 Human Anatomy and Physiology sequence (4 credit hours each)
  • MAT210 Probability and Statistics (3 credit hours)
  • PHA247 Medical Terminology (2 credit hours)
  • Other useful courses that are not required:
    • SOC225 Sociology of Public Health (3 credit hours)
    • COM 232: Health Communication Survey (3 credit hours)

Possible Pre-Health Sciences Majors

Although biology is the most common area of study for pre-health science students, there are many options available, depending on the interest area of each student. With intentional advising, students can major in virtually any discipline Rocky Mountain College offers. 



The courses that are typically required for most pre-health science fields include those that are at the heart of our biology major. Students majoring in biology with a pre-health science interest are typically preparing to go to medical school or physician assistant school; many go on to our own MPAS and OTD programs. Students seeking a career as a pharmacist and dentist also typically choose to major in biology

Health & Human Performance, Health Science Track

In 2020, our HHP program added a Health Science Track, which has been very successful. Building on the foundational science classes, this track adds several classes that are particularly useful for students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy, athletic training, and our occupational therapy program. Students also may choose this track as a precursor to other health sciences, including medical school and PA school.



In terms of the health sciences, students majoring in psychology  typically choose counseling or psychiatry. With intentional advising, psychology majors may also prepare to go into virtually any other health science discipline.


Building on the foundational science classes, this track adds several classes that are particularly useful for students interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian, particularly if they want to be a large animal specialist. Students interested in a career as a small animal veterinarian may also choose this track, or pursue a biology degree, depending on their interest area.