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Studying psychology at Rocky Mountain College allows students to develop a broad background in the study of the human mind, brain, and behavior. In addition to studying the history, major theories, methodologies, and applications of psychology, students also develop crucial skills in critical thinking, communication, and appreciation for other cultural perspectives. Students are able to apply these skills outside the classroom in the form of directed research projects and internship.

A degree in psychology is incredibly versatile. The required and elective courses students take at Rocky create exciting opportunities to foster an interest in human behavior, and will guide them toward either graduate study in psychology or a professional career in a number of other fields. Students interested in graduate school will have the opportunity to design original research alongside an experienced faculty member in an area of their interest. Others interested in psychology may follow a career path into mental health counseling, social services, substance abuse services, marketing, sales, healthcare administration, public relations, or law enforcement.

At Rocky Mountain College, I received a top-tier education from exemplary professors who truly care about each student. The psychology coursework and unique educational activities, coupled with excellent mentorship, prepared me well for clinical psychology doctoral studies. My mentors supported me in every way possible when I applied to various graduate programs. My experiences at RMC will always be among my fondest memories.

Katherine A. Kitchen Andren, Ph.D.

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Psychology Education

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Featured Courses

PSY 302 – Educational Psychology
This course is designed to aid the student in continuing to develop an understanding of human behavior, especially as that understanding applies to elementary and secondary classrooms. Emphasis will be on why and how human learning takes place and how that learning relates to schools and teaching situations where the needs of each student must be considered. The course also includes participation in, and the analysis of, interpersonal relations and communication skills.
PSY 408 – Directed Research in Psychology
Directed research provides opportunities for advanced students to become familiar with and participate in ongoing research projects under the direction of a faculty member. The student will first read background literature on the content area to be investigated and the experimental methodologies to be used. Procedures involved in conducting psychological research, first learned in PSY 410, will be put to practice. Potential activities include the design of research and the defining of conceptual variables and the gathering, analyzing, and interpretation of data. Finally, students will prepare a paper describing the project, using APA style, and are encouraged to submit proposals to the annual Rocky undergraduate symposium or appropriate regional conference.
PSY 483 – Psychological Counseling
Students examine the theories and techniques used in the field of counseling. The course includes the discussion of psychopathologies, cultural diversity, privacy issues, counselor ethics, professionalism, and personality characteristics of both counselor and client as well as the effects of these issues on the counseling process.
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Career Ready

RMC Psychology students are prepared for a wide range of careers. Some now work at:

Alternatives, Inc.

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

Pediatric Therapy Clinic, Inc.

Youth Dynamics



Professor of Psychology

Jenny Reichert

Associate Professor of Psychology