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Rocky Mountain College offers a distinct music program that combines an excellent education with comprehensive musical training. At RMC, we strive to develop high-quality music educators and performers while promoting a lifelong appreciation of music. The members of our faculty are respected performers, educators, and scholars who take a sincere interest in our students. Our music faculty is committed to providing an outstanding education imbued with positive, personal interaction.

We know that music as a career is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, and that’s why we’re committed to a philosophy of developing the whole person.

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I’ve been blessed to call Rocky’s music department my home as I explore and invest in my passion for music.

Amber, Small Business Management Major & Music Minor, class of 2025

Degree Options


  • K-12 Vocal and Instrumental Music Education
  • Music Performance: Piano
  • Music Performance: Vocal
  • Music Performance: Instrumental



We also offer a wide variety of courses that any student can take to fulfill core curriculum requirements or just for fun! All Rocky students are welcome to participate in ensembles and private lessons, even if you have no prior experience.

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Featured Courses

MUS 140 – Introduction to Music of the World’s Peoples
This course is an introduction to music from non-Western civilizations, including music from Montana, and is designed for both the non-music major and music education major. Students study how people make music in other cultures and how the product often becomes a basis of culture. In addition, students will develop listening skills and study selected pieces of music from a variety of geographic areas. This course is a requirement for music education majors, music minors, and can be used to satisfy core curriculum requirements.
MUS 215 – Creativity
This course approaches creativity as a skill to develop, not as a magical gift bestowed on a few select people. The last three weeks of the course will be devoted to a large-scale project in an area chosen by the student at the time of registration. Two important elements of the course involve a specific style of journaling and a weekly artist’s date. Through the activities in this course, students will bring a higher degree of creativity to their daily lives.
MUS 371 – Concert Choir
The Rocky Mountain College Concert Choir is dedicated to the study and performance of choral literature. Repertoire will be selected from the history of Western choral music as well as contemporary literature and music from a global perspective. Although there is no prerequisite, students are expected to have had prior high school or collegiate experience in performing ensembles. Three semesters of concert band or concert choir will fulfill one three-credit fine arts core curriculum requirement.
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Career Ready

RMC Music students are prepared for a wide range of careers. Some have become:

Graduate Students

K12 Music Teachers

Professional Performers

Music Therapists



Professor of Music

Cara Schreffler

Assistant Professor of Music


Office: Losekamp