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Rocky Mountain College Residence Life offers students much more than a place to sleep. Students living on campus will enjoy community living and create lasting relationships. The Residence Life staff in each hall strives to create dynamic and educational environments for students to enhance their classroom experience. The four residence halls around campus work to meet the needs of students with varieties of academic backgrounds and class standings. We encourage all students to be part of our on-campus family.

Students can request updates/changes to their housing application by emailing The Office of Residence Life will accommodate changes if space is available. It is important to note students can only change their own applications, not the applications of others. Please notify your preferred roommate that they must also email if you both want to live together.

The Office of Residence Life emails students the week of July 15th with their housing assignments, roommate contact information, and move-in details. Please be on the lookout for that email.

You may move in on the scheduled check-in date. Due to preparations for students’ arrivals before both semesters, unfortunately, early arrivals cannot be accommodated. For a listing of check-in dates and other important residence life events, please visit the Residence Life Calendar.

Due to the use of our facilities for summer conferencing, we are unable to allow students to move into their residence hall before the appointed move in dates and times. Select student athletes will move into on campus housing prior to orientation as a requirement of their athletic obligations; specific check in appointment information will be emailed to students the week of July 15th.

Depending upon the situation and room availability, you may request a room change with your Area Coordinator. If your room change request is the result of a roommate issue, the first thing to do is talk to your Resident Advisor (RA). Let them know what is going on between you and your roommate. They will meet with both/all of you, using your roommate agreement to mediate the problem. If the RA’s intervention does not seem to help, the Area Coordinator will schedule a meeting with all members of the room to determine how to proceed. We do ask all students to stay with their roommate for at least two weeks after a mediation to allow time for the new boundaries to be exercised.

Students living in the residence halls are eligible for on-campus dining plans to provide for their dining needs. However, we recognize sometimes students prefer to cook their own meals. Students who cook in their residence hall must do so using devices with automatic shut off features and without exposed heating elements to reduce fire risk. Please note, students registered to live in Anderson Hall or Widenhouse Hall are required to have either the Carte Blanche or 10-meals per week meal plan. To sign up for a meal plan, please go online at

Widenhouse Hall rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator and a microwave. Rimview Hall rooms are equipped with full size refrigerator/ freezers and microwaves. Jorgenson Hall rooms are equipped with refrigerator/freezers. All students are allowed to bring personal sized refrigerators for their rooms, and Anderson Hall residents are allowed to bring microwaves for in room use.

While RMC does not provide for loft kits, students are welcome to loft their beds up to 18 inches from the ceiling.

RMC does not have on-campus storage facilities for students. All personal belongings and assigned room furniture must remain in student rooms.

RMC has a firm no pets policy. Students with registered Emotional Support Animals (ESA) or Service Animals can request to bring those animals to campus by contacting the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) at 406-657-1129. ESAs and Service animals are to not be brought to campus until approved by Rocky Mountain College DSS.

Students are welcome to bring personal items, including furniture, to make their space comfortable. However, RMC does not provide storage for room issued furniture; all furniture assigned to a room must remain in the assigned space. For that reason, we discourage students from bringing their own furniture. Anderson Hall, Widenhouse Hall, and Rimview Hall rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, closet, and chair for each student. Widenhouse and Rimview suites include a bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. Jorgenson Hall comes unfurnished; however each unit has a full kitchen and bathroom. A limited supply of rented furniture is available from the College upon request.

While we recognize this is likely a question from your parents . . . no, we do not have a curfew. We do, however, have set quiet hours that students are expected to abide by so as to not disrupt other students. Additionally, anyone who enters the residence halls after 10:00 pm is required to present their ID to ensure they are residents of the community.

RMC has a firm no weapons policy including firearms. Students are prohibited from bringing firearms of any kind, including ammunition, onto RMC property.

Rocky Mountain College requires that all students live on campus during their freshman and sophomore academic years. Students must have successfully completed 60 credits at the start of the semester to be considered of junior class standing.

All students living in Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall are required to have either a Carte Blanche meal plan or a 10-meals per week plan. Students living in Rimview Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and off campus are welcome to have a meal plan; however, it is not required. See more information regarding food services.

All students may increase or decrease their meal plans until the 5th day of class each semester. Students may increase their meal plans at any time during the semester. To make a change to an existing meal plan, or to sign up for a new meal plan, please fill out the online Meal Plan Registration and Change Request Form.

For breaks during the semester, such as fall or spring break, you are welcome to stay. The residence halls are closed for winter and summer breaks; however, students may apply to stay on-campus during those breaks for a fee. For the exact dates the halls will be open, please consult the Residence Life Calendar. Please note that the dining hall may have reduced hours or be closed during academic breaks.

To be considered to live on-campus during the winter break, residents must submit the Winter Break On-Campus Housing Request Form.

To be considered to live on-campus during the summer break, residents must submit online the Summer Break On-Campus Housing Request Form.

Students who choose to go home for all breaks (with the exception of the summer break) are permitted to keep their personal belongings in their rooms during the break period.

All students who live on-campus are invited to apply for one of our many student staff positions. For a list of all Residence Life student staff jobs and application information please go to

All freshman and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Students who meet specific criteria may be exempt from living on campus but are still encouraged to live on campus if possible. For a full list of criteria or to submit a request to live off campus for one of these criteria, complete the Off-Campus Housing Exemption Request Form.

RMC has four unique residence halls that each offer students a safe and comfortable living experience. Traditional age first-year students are required to live in either Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall. Sophomore, junior, and senior students are eligible for Rimview Hall. Jorgenson Hall is reserved for students with at least a junior class standing OR 21 years of age or older, graduate students, and students with families.

For more information regarding each of the RMC residence halls, please refer to the residence hall descriptions.

RMC currently provides a limited number of units to accommodate students and their spouses or children in Jorgenson Hall. Due to the limited number, priority is given to current students. For more information regarding our Family Housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

RMC provides housing to all enrolled students on a first come first served basis. Graduate students are assigned to Rimview Hall or Jorgenson Hall.

Students can have personal items shipped to campus prior to their arrival. Students should use their full name and the following address to have items shipped to campus: 1511 Poly Drive, Billings, MT 59102. Items will be available for pick up in the Bair Family Student Center upon arrival. If you plan to have large packages shipped, we encourage you to bring a handcart or dolly to transport the items to your room as RMC does not provide them.

We recommend students bring the following items:

  • Hand cart or dolly to assist with moving items from the parking lot to your room
  • Box cutter to assist in breaking down boxes
  • Linens (twin x-long sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, towels)
  • Fan
  • Toiletries
  • Basic medical supplies (over the counter medications, first aid kit, and thermometer)
  • Laundry supplies
  • Cleaning supplies (broom, dustpan, small vacuum, disinfectant spray/wipes, glass cleaner, paper towels, etc.)
  • Trash can and trash bags
  • Items to make you feel more comfortable (electronics and photos)

The following items should be left at home:

  • Pets – Approved Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals must be authorized by the Office of Disability Support Services before bringing them to campus
  • Appliances with exposed heating element(s)
  • Appliances without automatic shut off feature(s)
  • Air conditioners (fans ok)
  • Weapons, firearms of any kind, ammunition, fireworks, and explosives
  • Dangerous materials and chemicals

For a complete list of items not permitted in the residence halls, please see the Residence Life Policy Handbook online at

Students who lived in on-campus housing can request a Rental Verification be provided from the Office of Residence Life as part of their application for off-campus rentals.  


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