Getting Started

The College updates the course catalog annually. The course catalog contains important information about academic policies and requirements. Students are encouraged to become familiar with its content.

Registering for Courses

Advising and Advisors

Each student is assigned a faculty member who serves as an academic advisor. Students may be assigned secondary advisors. Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring sufficient academic progress towards graduation. Students are expected to meet with their academic advisor regularly but must meet with their advisors before registering for courses.

When to Register

Newly admitted students will register for the first time through Admissions.

The opening of registration is listed on the College’s academic calendar. Students who have earned at least 90 credits as of the end of the previous semester register on the first day, 60 credits on the second day, 30 credits on the third day. If you encounter difficulties during the registration process, please contact student records.

After Registering

Your registration is not complete unless you complete validation and pay your tuition and fees with Student Accounts by the payment deadline. Note: all students must validate, even if aid and scholarships cover all their fees.

Note: all students must validate, even if aid and scholarships cover all their fees.

Use Add/Drop to Change Your Schedule

  • Students can change their schedules through the deadlines noted in the academic calendar.

  • After the deadline to add/drop, you will not be able to add a course, and any course you drop will be considered a withdrawal from the course and will show up on your transcript with a grade of “W.”

  • To withdraw from a course with a “W,” complete an add/drop slip. Indicate your last day of attendance in that course on the form. Note: Do not complete the online academic withdrawal form unless you want to drop all of your current class schedule and leave the College before the end of term.

Stay on Track

Still have questions? Come by the Office of Student Records in Eaton Hall, call us at 406.657.1030, or email us at


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