Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Rocky Mountain Colleges regularly accepts college-level undergraduate transfer credits earned at other accredited institutions. We also award non-traditional credit, such as AP (Advanced Placement), CLEP, and military credit. For policies and posting timeframes, see Transfer and Non-traditional Credits.

Transcript Evaluations

Transfer students are encouraged to apply for admission. Our transfer coordinator will evaluate your transcripts to determine how your coursework fits into a graduation plan.  For more information, contact Sean Coleman at 406.657.1092 or

Incoming first-year students with dual-enrollment or other types of college credit, have your college transcript sent to Admissions, 406.657.1026. A high school transcript is not sufficient.  Let your admissions counselor know if your college coursework might result in different placement for you in English, math, or another subject. 

Currently attending students, pending grads, or re-admitted students, contact the Office of Student Records regarding transferring credits back to RMC at 406.657.1030 or

Core Curriculum (General Education) Transfer Information

Core Curriculum Equivalency Guidelines

Download Core Curriculum General Course Information (pdf) to see how transfer courses are typically applied toward core curriculum (general education) requirements at Rocky Mountain College. 

Transfer Equivalencies

For information about courses approved for core curriculum requirements from colleges in Montana, Wyoming, and other states that many of our transfer students have attended, please contact Sean Coleman at 406.657.1092 or

AP (Advanced Placement) Credit for Core Curriculum

Download the RMC AP Credit-Granting Policy (pdf) to see how AP credit applies toward core curriculum (general education) requirements. Note: AP Credit is awarded after the student has successfully completed one semester at RMC and may not be used to fulfill program or placement requirements in math or English. Faculty approval is required to apply AP credit toward requirements in a major or minor.


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